On 4 July 1944 in Normandy, the VIIth American Corps attacked south of Carentan in a difficult area of marshes and rivers. The 83rd Infantry division ran up in front of Sainteny against elements of the 17th  SS “Götz von Berlichingen”  Division, supported by Fallschirmjaeger of the 6th Regiment. Day after day the Americans renewed their attacks and suffered heavy losses. On 5 July, the 83rd Division under General Macon lost nearly 1,500 men for a progress of only 200 meters. On 6 July, the 4th Infantry Division came as reinforcement, but without obtaining decisive result, while the Panther tanks of the SS Panzer Div “Das Reich” stabilized the German defense. It was only after ten days of severe fighting against the SS Panzer Grenadiers and the Fallschirmjaeger commanded by Lieutenant-colonel von der Heydte that the Americans entered in a heap of rubble named Sainteny.

This relic helmet belonged to one of the SS Grenadiers who fell after severe hits to his head. It was found near Sainteny. I got that beauty once again from Steve Lee.