Palmer Group
Palmer Group

Full name:  Palmer Jr, Willie Oliver
Army Serial No: 34386550

Enlisted: September 17, 1942 (Fort Jackson Columbia, South Carolina)

Born: May 24, 1921

Died: October 3, 1958 in an car accident 


Pvt. Willie O. Palmer Jr., HQ. Company, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division landed on Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944, Sector Easy Red near St. Laurent sur Mer and saw action during Operation Cobra, the Battle of the Hedgerows and the Battle of St Lô. On August 7, 1944 Palmers unit was about to lay some wire near the town of Vire while the fighting went on. Palmer was laying wire to get in contact with HQ 9th Inf Rgt. Suddenly German artillery shelled the position and Palmer was hit by a 88mm gun shrapnel in his right leg.

This Grouping was purchased as a box lot from a yard sale in nearby Union SC (Palmers home town) about two years ago.