Iron Mike at La Fière, Normandy
Iron Mike at La Fière, Normandy

Dear friend of Military History


This is my website dealing with my Tours to former Battlesites of WW2 in the  European Theater Of Operations called ETO.


Since I was a kid, I was interested in soldiers and soldiers story’s. My Grandfather was in the Swiss Army during WW2 and was securing the Swiss border in a attempt to hold off a possible German attack. So, after my first visit of Normandy in 1984 with my parents,

I was addicted to the history of the the D-Day Landings of June 6, 1944. It was a time when many veterans were still alive. Now time is running out to hear the war tales of the veterans as the Greatest Generation is unfortunately a dying breed. In addition to my Normandy interest, the Battle of the Bulge became also a main subject of my study after I became a good friend of a former German Fallschirmjaeger who fought in the 15th Fallschirmjaeger Regiment. Many visits to Normandy and the Ardennes followed and I can't get enough of those tours. In the last year, I also got to research the Vosges and Alsace campaign of 1944/1945 in depth. 


Anyone who set a foot on a former Battlefield will agree with me that it is always a very special experience. Furthermore, if you have a veteran touring with you who tells his story right on the field where the action took place, it will be a unforgettable event.



Enjoy History while Standing Where They Fought!